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Independent A.R.T. Practitioners

In the event that you are unable to schedule services at one of our centers, a number of certified A.R.T. practitioners provide services through independent offices located throughout Greater Boston and in Western Massachusetts, as well as in Arizona, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, and Western New York. Not all of these independent practitioners treat clients for anaphylactic food allergies. Those that do treat anaphylactic allergies, have an asterisk (*) next to their name.  

Beth Bergstrom

Winchester, MA

Jennifer Schwarz


Laura Villanti

Rochester, NY

Maggie Wolfgram


Sarah Adams Pyne*

Harvard & Devens, MA

Deepal Vora Parikh

Andover, MA

Jodi Kelly*

Lexington, MA

Kerry Kilduff

Woburn, MA

Libby Corcoran

Medfield, MA

Marla Dygon

Newton, MA

Susie Lee-Snell*

Lexington, MA

Debbie Jacobs

Needham, MA

Julie Murphy

Winchester, MA

Kim Crowell

Amherst/Hadley, MA

Lynda Peason

Nashua, NH

Maureen Preskenis

Westwood, MA

Nicole Masso

Montclair, NJ

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