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Jodi Kelly

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A.R.T. Practitioner

Jodi's A.R.T. journey began about 20 years ago when her oldest child was diagnosed with multiple life threatening food allergies at 4 months old. After his diagnosis, she carried a new fear around with her at all times. Her family's life became extremely limited and protected.

Luckily, Jodi's friend, whose son had very similar allergies to Jodi's, had begun A.R.T. and was having great success. Jodi knew she had to reach out to get her son on the waitlist. Eventually, he was able to begin and made it through the program successfully. Years later, he is now in his 20s, and able to eat anything and everything. The freedom this process has given him, as well as his family and friends, has been absolutely life changing.

Once Jodi's son graduated, she knew she had found her life's work. She began training to become an A.R.T. practitioner in 2012 and has been practicing ever since - for over a decade! Being able to bring this life-changing process to others so that they too, can live freely and fully, is an absolute honor.

Since embarking on this journey, Jodi has continuously evolved as an A.R.T. practitioner, adding Reiki Master, Health Coach and most recently, Biomagnetic Pair Therapist to her expansive base of knowledge.

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