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Alexandra Manrique

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A.R.T. Practitioner

Alexandra's journey on this path began when her son was only 18 months old. After eating wheat, he started to get itchy and red, his face began to swell, and he was having difficulty breathing. Alexandra rushed her son to the doctor just a couple blocks away. Fortunately, they got there on time and ultimately learned her son had severe allergies to wheat and many other foods. Since that day, Alexandra's life changed drastically, knowing that her son would have to live with a life threatening condition, probably for his whole life, and there was nothing traditional medicine could do to cure him.

After many difficult moments, filled with stress and fear around food, and searching for treatment alternatives, Alexandra found her answer: A.R.T. and Amy. Amy had already cured hundreds of kids with anaphylactic allergies. Alexandra and her family believed in the A.R.T. process, and her son began treatment in 2017. 

Alexandra was so amazed by the promise and results of A.R.T., that she trained to become a certified A.R.T. practitioner in the Burlington office. Alexandra combines her A.R.T. work with positive psychology, reiki healing, and mindfulness.

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