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Meet the Manhattan Team

Brooke Hatfield

Manhattan Office Supervisor & A.R.T. Practitioner

Brooke is an A.R.T. Practitioner seeing clients in our New York Office. She treats clients with severe allergies and other auto-immune conditions....

Practicing since 2018

Ali Kraft

Social Media Manager & A.R.T. Practitioner

When Ali was in college, she had her first anaphylactic reaction to tree nuts that sent her to the hospital. Following the reaction, she went for food allergy testing...

Practicing since 2019

Success Stories

" In order to keep my lupus in remission, I need to be on a raw vegan diet. I started A.R.T. to treat OAS, Oral Allergy Syndrome, a unique condition I had developed that prevented me from being able to eat raw fruits & vegetables. I'm ecstatic to share that in just over a year, I’ve resolved most of my food allergies and am back to being able to comply with my raw plant-based diet. My bloodwork has never looked better!"

— Joe

A.R.T. Soon-to-be graduate!

Manhattan Center
115 Central Park West, Office #5, NY, NY 10023
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