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Brooke Hatfield

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Manhattan Office Supervisor & A.R.T. Practitioner

Brooke is an A.R.T. Practitioner seeing clients in our New York Office. She treats clients with severe allergies and other auto-immune conditions.

Brooke is a licensed Psychotherapist and certified Reiki Master. She continues to practice as a therapist in addition to her work as an A.R.T. Practitioner. She has a vast experience as an individual therapist supporting clients of all ages dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma. Brooke also has experience as a family therapist.

Brooke’s background as a therapist allows her to bring a warm, empathetic approach to supporting her clients as they work through the A.R.T. protocol, helping them through the anxiety and PTSD that often comes with having a life-threatening allergy or debilitating chronic illness.

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