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Ellen Dellamarggio

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A.R.T. Practitioner

Ellen became a health enthusiast when her youngest child of four was born with severe food allergies, eczema and asthma. She was thrown into the “allergy world” of EpiPens, inhalers and topical steroids. After years feeling helpless, she was introduced to Amy and A.R.T. Upon completion of the program, her daughter’s eczema and asthma were gone and she was eating freely which is still the case today- 11 years later.

A few years later her son, who she thought was a healthy child, experienced two idiopathic anaphylactic reactions. Traditional medicine had no clear cause for these serious reactions and again she turned to A.R.T. Throughout his treatment, his immune system became stronger which allowed him to resume regular activities. Upon completion of the protocol, they were all finally able to live without fear.

As a parent, Ellen feels so fortunate that A.R.T. provided such amazing support for her two children with unique immune issues. This gift sparked her professional interest to learn more about the process as well as health and wellness. She became a holistic health coach, Reiki Master, and an advanced A.R.T. practitioner. A.R.T. was a life-changing experience and she is both humbled and grateful to pass this gift along to others.

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